Asset Tagging & Object Tracking

Unauthorized movement of valuable assets is monitored and controlled by state-of-the-art RFID technology
to protect high-value items in the hotel. The system sends a pre-defined warning to the administrator, security
guard, or any other hotel staff describing the violation. The same system is also used to monitor staff and
evaluate their performance including response time to a guest’s room service order. The system is usually
integrated into the access control network providing the hotel management better control of all assets
including human. POS and ATM integration
Our ability to interface directly with widely used POS systems and other industry leaders gives the advantages
of reduced total solution cost, streamlined field installation, and more robust and reliable system. Combat
and prevent fraud, theft, and other problems on the shop floor. Intelligent video and tight integration with
systems you already use ensure total control over all transactions and activities – from entry points to cashiers
and store aisles. Point of Sale brings the power of surveillance technology to each cash terminal, and
automatically records all events and checks in the video archive. The system synchronizes the video image of
the cash area and text on each check, and directly controls the process of exchanging goods for cash. This
system ensures that your cash register operators are entering the correct figures from checks, and are
dispensing the correct amount of change – limiting employee fraud and providing you with tighter control
over personnel operations and client behavior.

Transact protection sensors alert operators to emergency situations and allow you to respond quickly. Shock,
door, vibration and breakage sensors detect vandalism and theft attempts – someone kicking the terminal,
for instance, or trying to bash or pry it open. The system also detects foreign objects, such as false ATM panels
often used by “skimmers” to duplicate ATM cards. If an object is placed over your ATM panel the system will
sound an alarm and send an image to the operator’s screen, where they can evaluate the threat and take
immediate action.