Cybersecurity Systems

TASAS Cybersecurity division provides AI driven cyber threat detection and remediation tools for businesses
and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). Enterprises and MSSPs can make use of our platform to
evaluate operational security data, discover threats and vulnerabilities in real time, and automatically contain
and eradicate them. We provide industry leading security solutions that help you predict attacks, proactively
respond to threats, ensure compliance, and protect data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints. By
providing bespoke, flexible and affordable packages without compromising on quality, we established a firm
market position in the MENA region from past four years.

TASAS Cybersecurity Role:

• Consultancy
Expertise to help organizations transform their cyber defense capabilities to mitigate threats.

• Presales
Our Presales Team help to further expand our capability to demonstrate our solutions & services.

• Implementation
Implementing and maintaining cybersecurity practices Business protection against cyberattacks &
data breaches.

• Training
Training will provide participants with in in-depth knowledge and practical skills to plan & deliver.

Help enable your business with intelligence and expertise providing a new level of cyber-immunity.

TASAS Cybersecurity Solutions:

• aiSIEM [Security Information & Event Management]
• aiXDR [Extended Detection and Response]
• UEBA [User and Entity Behaviour Analytics]
• EDR [Endpoint Detection and Response]
• VA [Vulnerability Assessment]
• NTA [Network Threats Analysis]
• SOAR [Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response]
• NDR [Network Detection and Response]
• IDS [Intrusion Detection System]
• ZERO TRUST SECURITY [Never Trust Always Verify]
• NBAD [Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection]

TASAS Cybersecurity Zero Trust Security:

• Resources
An organization should treat all of their data, computing services, and devices as resources that need
to be protected. • Communication
All communication, both from within and outside the network, must be treated the same and
protected in the most secure method available. • Per-Session Access
Each connection to a critical resource or an organization should be established on a per session basis

• Dynamic Policy
Access to an organization’s resources should be granted according to the organization’s policy rules
and the principle of dynamic least privilege. • Monitoring
To ensure proper data protection and security of corporate resources, organizations should monitor
those resources and all actions taken with them.

• Continuous Improvement
An organization should gather information about the current state of network assets, infrastructure,
and connections to improve the security posture of the network.

• Authentication and Authorization
Before granting access to any corporate resource, an organization should enforce dynamic
authentication and authorization.

TASAS Cybersecurity Partners:

• Securaa – next gen soar platform
• Securden – redefining privileged access security
• Xcitium – the power of zero, unleashed
• Seceon – open threat management platform
• CybelAngel – secure digital world
• InstaSafe – cloud, secure, instant
• Apphaz – vulnerably management suite
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