Data Centers

Data Centers are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components, such as
telecommunications and storage systems. They generally include redundant or backup power supplies,
redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression)
and security devices. IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizational operations. One of the main
concerns is business continuity; companies rely on their information systems to run their operations.
If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. It is necessary
to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to minimize any chance of disruption.
Information security is also a concern, and for this reason a data center has to offer a secure environment,
which minimizes the chances of a security breach. A data center must therefore keep high standards for
assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. This is accomplished through
redundancy of both fiber optic cables and power, which includes emergency backup power generation.