Intelligent Building Controls

The essence of Intelligent Buildings is in the control technologies, which allow integration, automation, and
optimization of all the services and equipment that provide services and manages the environment of the
building concerned. The field of Intelligent Buildings and Intelligent Homes encompasses an enormous variety
of technologies, across commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic buildings, including energy
management systems and building controls. The function of Building Management Systems is central to
‘Intelligent Buildings’ concepts; its purpose is to control, monitor and optimize building services, like lighting,
heating, security, CCTV and alarm systems; access control; audio-visual and entertainment systems;
ventilation, filtration and climate control, etc.; even time & attendance control and reporting (notably staff
movement and availability). With the widespread adoption of digital technologies there will be a profound
change in how we communicate with others. Even how, in our homes, we shop for goods and services, receive
news, manage our finances, learn about the world, and, conduct business, manage resources, find
entertainment, and maintain independence and autonomy as we enter old age. Bond Communications offers
services and equipment that utilize these networks, which include: security; home theatre and entertainment;
telephones, door-phones and intercoms; PC and internet networks; surveillance cameras; driveway vehicle
sensors; communicating thermostats; motorized window blinds and curtains; entry systems; and irrigation