Mobility Solutions

The world is moving the mobile way. Enterprises and every individual in the business world are handicapped
without a hand-held device with them. Most of the organizations are either planning to extend & integrate
their current business applications to hand-held devices or are purchasing readily available enterprise
solutions from software vendors. Recently many progresses & capabilities are starting to show how different
industries in the market can get excellent business benefits from mobile applications. Some of the significant
factors why organizations should invest in mobility applications are – the necessity for increased
responsiveness, cost savings in labor through higher efficiency & quicker cycle times of mission critical business
processes across the organization. Bond offers a wide range of mobile based enterprise level solutions which
are developed and implemented across varied industry verticals in different geographies.

Asset Tagging & Tracking

Unauthorized movement of valuable assets is monitored and controlled by state-of-the-art RFID technology
to protect high-value items in the hotel. The system sends a pre-defined warning to the administrator, security
guard, or any other hotel staff describing the violation. The same system is also used to monitor staff and
evaluate their performance including response time to a guest’s room service order. The system is usually
integrated into the access control network providing the hotel management better control of all assets
including human.