Professional AV Systems / Conference Rooms


Conference Rooms Automation solutions include motorized curtain controls, intelligent lighting systems, wide
screen plasma / LCD monitors, high lumen projectors, audio video systems, electronic white boards, Video
Conferencing etc. controlled by Touch Panels from Industry leading manufacturers. All these systems can be
integrated to work as per the requirement just by pressing one button including the light dimming and
curtains. These Touch Panels act as a universal remote control enabling easy operation of systems with added
convenience eliminating the hassles of numerous numbers of remote controls. Connectivity from Laptops /
computers to Projectors or display monitors is also an advantage for presentations etc. Video conferencing
solution working on the Ethernet using ISDN or IP technology for video calls is also provided by Bond
Communications. This solution provides substantial cost saving for the Client where there are multiple
conference / meeting rooms. Audio/Video systems can be used for virtually any media communications
application. Bond brings you systems, which are equipped with powerful features so that you can transform
your video conference into a highly interactive session, integrating all available presentation media through
the same multimedia interface.
Conference rooms can be automated with motorized curtain controls, intelligent lighting, wide screen
monitors, boardroom A/V, business presentations, electronic white boards, training, and distance learning.
The systems can be configured to integrate computer graphics, film, printed documents, data, and virtually
any other media source to provide a powerful and easy to use communication tool. All these systems can be
integrated to work as per the requirement just by pressing one button. Typical A/V and conferencing systems
become obsolete with the emerging of new technologies. Bond Communications stays ahead of time with
state-of-the-art systems.