Remote Maintenance & Tracking Services

Providing service support has proven to be a lucrative enterprise in the mechanical engineering industry. It
helps to know in what intervals these services are required and what service technicians need to do when they
arrive on site. However, remote maintenance and monitoring of day-to-day operations, is creating altogether
new possibilities in service and business.

– Remote diagnostics – warning and diagnosis systems provide prompt and efficient notification when critical
thresholds have been reached.

– Remote monitoring – two-way communication allows systems to be accessed on site without a service
technician being present. System configurations can be changed or reset to their original state.

– Remote maintenance – software updates can be installed with a simple click of the mouse.

– Automatic maintenance work can be monitored and supervised.

– Monitoring product life cycles – manufacturers can easily track and analyze the life cycles of machines and

can use data on how customers actually use a product to develop ideas for new product features.

– Flexible and affordable – No matter where maintenance work, diagnosis or monitoring is to take place,GSM is able to access systems using existing infrastructure and therefore does not require the installation
of a fixed-line network.

– New business opportunities – M2M enables new demand-oriented payment methods, such as pay after
use. It is possible to monitor adherence to lease or hire contracts and adapt them if necessary at any time.

– A variety of uses – M2M technology can help improve service and maintenance in a variety of areas
including buildings, systems and technical facilities, machines, control stations, vending and dispensing
machines and transport systems.